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Underdogs – Job

Sunday, August 2: Underdogs


What makes Job an underdog? Very few people in the whole wide world have experienced more pain and loss than Job did. You might even say that the deck was completely stacked against Job, and yet he survives his trials.

If there was one person who had the ability to ask tough questions based off of their personal experiences, and the dark seasons they had lived through, it would be Job.

This week we are going to follow the story of Job, it can be a very dark and provocative passage of scripture, often asking more questions than it provides answers. “How should we respond to suffering?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Asking and wrestling with these questions is essential for our understanding of who God is. Much like the life of Job, God can and will use the tough seasons to show us things we never knew about who He is.

So how do we see God in the midst of suffering and loss?

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