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Hello BFSM Families! 
We are now allowed to meet in person! That means our middle school gatherings will be held outside on Thursday nights starting at 6:30 pm – 8:30pm. There will be games like 9 square in the air, worship, lessons, and small groups. We strongly recommend your student brings a lawn chair and something warm to wear in case it gets chilly. Face coverings are required, but if your students has a medical condition let Jon Lucas know and your student/s don’t have to wear one. We are so incredibly excited to meet again in person and make the most of our summer! We will be doing many things to make up for that lost time. Please call or email with any questions you have regarding what we do.


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A few times a year we plan an event that will rock your face off. The event may be intended to bring you closer to God. Sometimes the special event brings you closer to your friends. And sometimes the event brings you closer to your community while you serve those around you. These events sometimes cost money, and usually require a special consent form signed by parents. So if you are interested in coming to a special event you see on the calendar, it is a good idea to meet us at one of the regular weekly events first.

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