Find God. Be a Friend. Make a Difference.

Life Groups are where we gather together outside of the Sunday service. You might have heard them called Home Groups, Small Groups, Community Groups, Cell Groups or any number of names, but the focus is the same: gathering together as the people of God.

We’re not reinventing the wheel with Life Groups; Christians have been meeting in honor of God for quite awhile, but we do have four areas of emphasis that we hope to accomplish in these gatherings:

Connection: Participate in the deep, authentic, self-giving, relationships that model and proclaim God’s perfect unity.

Care: Imitate Jesus by caring for one another as much as Jesus cares for us.

Growth: Challenge, encourage, and invest in one another.

Service: Imitate Jesus by serving like Jesus served.

Each Life Groups varies depending on the participants’ life stages, interests, location, or availability. Groups meet in homes, at church, in coffee shops, at a variety of times, and on a variety of days. Most groups follow along with sermon-based questions, while other groups work through a particular book of the Bible, focus on a topic or video series, rally around a common cause, or gather specifically to pray and encourage one another.

Click or tap here for a full list of our Life Groups.

(Covid note: After a period of having video/distance-only groups, we’re ramping up our in-person gatherings again. Please be patient with us as we begin to re-group our hosts and leaders.)

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