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Sermons from June 2017

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces – Hebrews 8:1–13

Sunday, June 25: Sacred Spaces Hebrews 8:1–13 This week we conclude our Sacred Spaces series by looking at Hebrews 8:1–13. Starting next week, we are launching into a summer series on Christology (what we believe about Jesus) called “Who Is This Man?” I am looking forward to spending the summer talking about Jesus!Before we launch […]

Baptism – June 18th 2017

Sunday, June 18: Baptism You don’t want to miss this week. You have plans? Cancel them. This week we are going to baptize a number of people who want to make their faith in Jesus known. This is an extra special event for our congregation, as it marks not only an important step in faith […]

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces – Hebrews 7:1–28

Sunday, June 11: Sacred Spaces Hebrews 7:1–28 “The gulf between God and us is still wider than we have so far considered. It is the chasm that yawns between us as rebellious creatures and God our righteous judge. It is not only that we lack the mental equipment to conceive him, but we lack the […]

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces – Hebrews 5:11–6:20

Sunday, June 4: Sacred Spaces Hebrews 5:11–6:20 In Numbers 13–14, the Israelites come to the cusp of the Promised Land and send spies to check it out before they move in. While the spies return all agreeing that it is an amazing land flowing with milk and honey, ten of them consider the inhabitants too […]