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Underdogs – Gideon

Sunday, August 9: Underdogs

Judges 6:1–16

Of all the action heroes who you grew up with, saw in movies, read about in books, or even knew personally, who was the greatest? The most powerful, the most compelling, who would be the one you’d call, to use the biblical term, a “Mighty man of valor?”

It’s surprising how often when we highlight our heroes, we look to their individual capacity first and think of their relationship with God much further down the line. But God works most visibly and most powerfully in the people who recognize their deep need for him.

This week we’re going to be reading in the Book of Judges about Gideon. Now Gideon was not a super-hero, and Gideon was actually not even a hero, and really, Gideon did a lot of hiding out and questioning himself. But, God had plans for him. God chose to work through a self-described least of the weakest, to overthrow the enemies of Israel.

The solution to Gideon’s shortcomings and the task presented to him was the empowerment of almighty God, and that remains true for us as well.

Join us this week as we look at the life of an underdog that God empowered in a mighty way.

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See you on Sunday!


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