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Underdogs – Mordecai

Sunday, August 16: Underdogs

Esther 2:5 – 7:10

When Israel went into Babylonian captivity, the rug was pulled out from under their feet. Everything about their lives—their jobs, their government, their homes, their religion—changed. They underwent the biggest national identity crisis in their history and came out asking the question, “What does it look like to be faithful to God in the new normal?”

Sound familiar?

This question is answered in the Book of Esther. This week, we are continuing our Underdogs series by looking at the underdog Mordecai, one of the main characters of the Book of Esther. Mordecai lived in Susa, the capital of Persia. A refugee and a religious minority, Mordecai did not have political or social clout. So, when an up-and-coming Persian politician planned to destroy him and his people, what was this underdog to do?

Was God active in a foreign land? Was God still there in the “new normal” of no temple and no Davidic king? What did it look like to be Jewish in this new normal and who would save them from Haman’s plot?

Find out this week! See you on Sunday!

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