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Underdogs – Peter

Sunday, August 23: Underdogs

Matthew 4:18–20

The life of Peter is a wild ride, he has some ups and downs. He’s got a solid fishing business, and he leaves it behind to follow an unknown, wandering preacher. Jesus singles Peter out as the foundation of the church in one moment, and he’s being rebuked and compared to Satan in the next. He’s stepping out of the boat in faith, and he’s sinking under the waves. Hard to put that on a resume.

Peter understands that Jesus is God before anyone else, but is quick to take his eyes off Jesus anyhow. All that to say, he’s a complicated human.

Peter’s complexity gives us a unique insight into what it means to follow God when we’re not 100% perfect, and not 100% screwup. He’s a passionate, scrappy, self-reliant character with good intentions, and a bad track record, and he’s not equipped to live into the role that Jesus invites him to. Just like us.

Looking forward to seeing you all, online or in person, as we talk about the life of Peter and how we can follow where Jesus leads us.See you Sunday!

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