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Underdogs – Jonah

Sunday, July 26: Underdogs


What makes Jonah an underdog? In my opinion, anyone who tries to run from God, gets tossed off a ship in the middle of storm, ends up inside the belly of fish for a three-day timeout, until he is literally barfed up on a beach, qualifies as an underdog.

Everyone knows the story of Jonah. If you grew up in church going to Sunday School, then you know the story for sure. But even those who have never stepped inside a church know about Jonah and the Whale.

The trouble is a lot of people think they know the story of Jonah, but they really do not. Sometimes people confuse Jonah with another character. They think of it as the story of Jonah and the whale, even though it’s a fish. The whale’s name is Monstro and Jonah is running away from Geppetto because he wants to become a real boy. People get a little fuzzy about that point.

They also get a little fuzzy about the point of the story. In other words, a lot of folks know the story of Jonah but very few know what it is about. In fact, it doesn’t really all come together until the fourth chapter, but most people never read that far.

So, what is the story about? That’s what we are going to find out this week. See you on Sunday!

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