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Underdogs – Ruth

Sunday, July 19: Underdogs


“The providences of God are like Hebrew words:
they can only be properly read backwards.”

John Flavel

Last Sunday we started a new summer study series called, “Underdogs.” An underdog is the opposite of a top dog. In sports, or in a competition, it refers to the team or person expected to lose. In the case where an underdog wins, the outcome is an upset.

Nevertheless, we often find ourselves rooting for the underdog because we know it will take extra effort, if not a miracle, to overcome the obstacles to come out on top.

This week we meet a young woman by the name of Ruth. People love her story because it is an underdog story. As a childless widow in the ancient world all the odds are against her. In the ancient world a widow had no worth, no identity, and no future. And with no children she has been stripped of everything that would have given her hope, dignity, and security.

Her story is for people who wonder why God is silent and seemingly absent when tragedy and loss threaten our faith. It’s a story for broken people who suffer hardship, heartache and loss, and wonder if God has a purpose for their pain, or a plan and a future for their life.

And we find ourselves rooting for Ruthie. We don’t know how it’s going to turn out for her. Will God show up? We don’t know. Neither does Ruth. It’s a nail biter with a surprise ending!

See you on Sunday!


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