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Underdogs – Esther

Sunday, July 12: Underdogs


Have you ever felt like you were insignificant in the kingdom of God? Have you ever thought that maybe God is able to do great things through others, but not through you?

Have you ever felt like an underdog?

This week we are launching into a new sermon series called Underdogs. In it, we will be looking at unlikely heroes who, through the power of God, were able to do great things.

First up in the series is Esther. Esther, you might know, was the Queen of Persia who saved the Jewish people from certain extermination at the hands of evil Haman. Her story is so amazing that the Jewish people still celebrate a holiday called Purim to remember God’s salvation during her reign.

Of course, God works through queens, but what about regular people like us?

Well, Esther wasn’t always a queen. And even when she gained her royal title, the position didn’t have as much power as you might think. In fact, Esther’s story is one of God making beauty out of tragedy. Esther was a true underdog.

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