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Son of God – Mark 8:22–38

Sunday, April 5: Son of God

Mark 8:22–38

Being a disciple ofJesus would have been the privilege of a lifetime, constantly seeing God at work in the world, following him wherever he went, and regularly having to reconsider what you thought you knew about him. He’s certainly a healer, but who is he willing to heal? He’s certainly powerful, but where does he use his power? Jesus’ disciples had to be ready to be surprised by Jesus, even as they learned things about him that never change.

So when Jesus finally asks them, “Who do you say that I am?” The smart ones do their best, and our favorite disciple Peter, well, he does what Peter does best.

In our passage this week we’ll talk about what the difference is between bearing witness to what you’ve seen God do, and trying to dictate who you think that God should be. (It turns out telling Jesus what to do doesn’t go well.)

Ultimately we are presented with a choice: follow or don’t.

In a ministry characterized by radical grace, unmatched generosity, and a patient invitation to know him more fully, our passage this week reminds us that we really do need to follow Jesus. Not who we prefer Jesus to be, not where we’d prefer to go, but where Jesus leads.

Join us online this week as we close out our Son of God series.

See you Sunday!


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