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Son of God – Mark 8:1–21

Sunday, March 29: Son of God

Mark 8:1–21

If Jesus had a go-to meal, it was probably fish and bread. I know some of you are missing your sports statistics, so let me just point out that Jesus has already fed 5,000 men a meal of fishes and loaves, and this week he’ll feed another 4,000. Taking into account the women and children, Jesus is putting up hall of fame numbers for this recipe.

But his culinary choices probably have more to do with what his followers are willing to share what they’ve got in their lunchbox. We might feel like we’re not working with a whole lot when we look at what we’ve been given. Or we might feel like we’ve got to make sure that we’re taken care of before we can join Jesus in what he’s doing. What we see in this passage is that when we choose to bring what we have to what Jesus is doing, he accomplishes more than we could ever imagine.

And this isn’t news to us, and it wasn’t news to the disciples, but thankfully Jesus takes the time to teach them the lesson a second time.

Join us this week as we follow along with Jesus, who is the bread of life. Looking forward to seeing you online in our new format!


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