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Psalms – Psalm 27

Sunday, July 7: Psalms

Psalm 27

What would you say is the most common command in Scripture? Before you answer I’ll tell what it’s not. It’s not for us to be more loving. That may be at the center of God’s heart for us but that’s not his most frequent instruction. It’s also not to be less prideful, which C.S. Lewis called, “the sin that leads to every other sin.”

The most common command in the Bible – God’s most frequently repeated instruction – is generally formulated in two words. Fear not. Do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous. You can trust me. Fear not.

I’ve never fact-checked this, but I read somewhere years ago that there are 366 “fear not” verses in the Bible. One for every day of the year, including one for leap year. Why would that be?

For one thing, fear was one of the first effects of the fall. Do you remember why Adam and Eve hid themselves after they ate the forbidden fruit? Because they were afraid. That’s not a feeling they had experienced before but it’s been with all of us ever since.

This week in our summer study series we come to a Psalm that helps us deal with our fears. Psalm 27 is subtitled, “A Psalm of Fearless Trust in God.” See you on Sunday.


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