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Psalms – Psalm 121

Sunday, July 14: Psalms

Psalm 121

Psalm 121 has been called the traveler’s Psalm, or the Soldier’s Psalm, because it engages with the reality that sometimes we run into tough spots. The path gets hard, there are uncertainties, there are questions of how we’ll even make it through, and it can seem like there’s no place to turn to.

So where do you go when you get into a tough spot? AAA? Mom and Dad? Ghostbusters? Where we turn when things start falling apart gives us a good indication of where we have our trust, and what we truly believe.

In our Psalm this week, we’re given a reminder that we don’t need to look to any place, or to anyone other than God. It’s an encouraging reminder that we don’t have to look to ourselves, to other people, or to structures and institutions.

The Psalmist’s cry that God will guard you, will watch over you day and night, and will keep you, for now and forevermore, is a powerful hope in times of trouble.

Join us this Sunday as we read through Psalm 121 together.


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