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Moses – Numbers 16

Sunday, May 19: Moses

Numbers 16

We all have a rebellious streak resident within us. The only difference is the size of the stripe. The problem of rebellion against authority is as age old as Adam and Eve sinning in the garden. From then on, rebellion became a part of the human condition. If you doubt that then you’ve never raised a two-year-old. The trouble is some people struggle with it more than others.For some folks it’s a huge stumbling block. They can never do well in life because they don’t do well with authority – in the home or in the classroom or at work or with the laws of the land. Sadly, some can’t seem to resist bringing it into the church family.

That said, whether you’re a minor rebel or a rebel with a capital “R,” there are some things you should know, some lessons you should learn, and some warnings you should heed regarding rebellion.

This week we meet a contentious group of rebels who rise-up against Moses, and who are about to learn the hard way that rebellion can be seriously detrimental to your health. See you on Sunday.


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