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Moses – Numbers 20:1–13

Sunday, May 26: Moses

Numbers 20:1–13

Have you ever wondered if the decisions you make in your life actually matter? If you grew up with “Choose your own adventure” books you might remember the drastic consequences that a single wrong decision could make. Turn to page 23, and oh! Quicksand. Life or death at the turn of a page.

As Christians today, fully covered by the blood of Christ, it sometimes seems like our decisions aren’t that important anymore. My eternal destiny is secured, so what’s the big deal? I know that there’s forgiveness for sin, so why should I worry about the decisions I make? As we continue to follow the life of Moses this week we’ll look at some decisions that Moses made, and the consequences that follow from them.

As God invites us to participate in the amazing work he’s accomplishing in the world, our willingness to participate makes a difference. There are wonderful, unexpected and wild things that God is going to accomplish, and he gives us opportunities to join along with him. What we see in the life of Moses is that it’s possible to join in, but it’s also possible to make some serious mistakes.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about how the choices that we make either end up with us joining in with the work God is accomplishing, or end up with us sitting it out on the sidelines. See you Sunday!


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