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Follow Me – Mark 12:1–44

Sunday, November 8: Follow Me

Mark 12:1–44

Last Sunday, we saw Jesus arrive in Jerusalem and immediately cause a scene in the temple. Pressure has been building between Jesus and the religious leadership of his day, and in Mark 12 things erupt. Having prophesied the destruction of the temple, Jesus turns on the religious leaders and tells them exactly why judgment is coming.

He tells a story about a man going on a long journey and leaving behind tenants to take care of his vineyard. When the owner sends his servant to collect on the fruit, the tenants abuse him and send him away empty-handed. This happens several times until the owner of the vineyard decides to send his son, instead. “Surely they will respect my son,” the owner thinks. But, when the tenants see the son coming, they also see an opportunity to kill the heir and take the vineyard for themselves.

As you can imagine, the story was about more than just a landowner and a vineyard. It was about God, Israel and the religious leaders. God had entrusted the scribes with the care of his people, but somewhere along the line they decided that they were better off without God—that they should be in charge.

Needless to say, God was not taking that lightly.

Mark 12 is a timely reminder to us that God is control, that He can be trusted, and that we need his grace. We don’t want to get to the point where we think we are better off without God.

Fortunately, Jesus shows us the way and gives us more grace!

Join us this week as we look at the kingdom of God and remember his grace!

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