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Follow Me – Mark 11:1–33

Sunday, November 1: Follow Me

Mark 11:1–33

“Dad, look what I made!”

This is what greets me most days when I come home from work (it’s wonderful). Whether it’s wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos or Minecraft; drawings, music, or crafts; children love to create for their parents.

I don’t know that we ever grow out of this. Grownups create, too, and in Mark 13:1 we read of the disciples showing off one of their nation’s creations (the Jerusalem temple): “Look, Teacher, what wonderful stones and what wonderful buildings!”

The temple was architecturally magnificent. It represented the place where heaven and earth intersected, and it was a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, by Jesus’ day its religious function had been compromised. Supposed to be a house of prayer, it had become a market. Priests took advantage of the pious and the building had become more of the economic center of the nation rather than its spiritual center.

This week, we will be in Mark 11:1–33, in which Jesus has a stark warning for the priests: reform the temple or it will be destroyed. Nestled in this warning is the proclamation that God was doing something new. The destruction of the temple would not mean the loss of God’s presence. God would be present in a new way—through the incarnation. “Destroy this temple,” Jesus says in John’s Gospel, “and in three days I will raise it up.”

Join us this week as we look at places where heaven and earth intersect. God is faithful, and with his presence we can move mountains!

See you on Sunday!

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