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Follow Me – Mark 10:17–34

Sunday, October 25: Follow Me

Mark 10:17–34

As Jesus continues towards Jerusalem, teaching along the way, he encounters a man who asks, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Solid question, and probably one that we all have an opinion on one way or another. Our text in Mark tells us that the man is rich, and this passage is one of the very few passages in the book of Mark that speaks to Jesus’ plan for our economic activity.

After establishing something of a baseline discipleship, (Keep the law, love God, the usual), Jesus presents the rich man with some next-level discipleship requirements. Sell whatever you’ve got and give it to the poor. Jesus’ commands are seen as shocking, amazing, and leave the man grieving, which makes me wonder, just exactly how much money did he have anyways?

The cost of discipleship, of following after Jesus, will sometimes literally cost us. What we’ll see this week, however, is that it’s not a pyramid scheme to make the church folks rich, it’s an intentional setting aside of the things that hold us back. It’s a laying down of hindrances that we didn’t even know were heavy, and it’s a necessary association with the poor, the outcast, and the vulnerable.

Join us this week as we discuss what costly discipleship looks like in the book of Mark. See you Sunday!

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