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Follow Me – Mark 10:1–16

Sunday, October 18: Follow Me

Mark 10:1–16

As we follow Jesus in the gospel of Mark, we’ve seen a regular pattern of his concern for the vulnerable. Whether it’s vulnerable children, the hungry, or the sick, Jesus’ ministry is marked by special care for those who are most often left out.

In our passage today Jesus is questioned by some religious folks who want to make him look bad. They raise the questions of when it’s ok for a man to divorce his wife. The debate was old then, and it’s not getting any fresher. The law allowed for a man to divorce his wife for any “indecency” and unfortunately many had interpreted that pretty broadly.

One Rabbi suggested that a man was justified in divorcing his wife if she was too loud, or if he just found another woman that he liked the look of better.

In our passage, Jesus is having none of it. Ever contending for the vulnerable, in this case the woman with zero social protections against divorce, Jesus re-focuses the conversation on the heart of God for his people.

But what does that mean for us? How should Christians today navigate divorce? Is there cause for divorce, am I less of a Christian if have a divorce?

Join us this Sunday as we explore a powerful expression of God’s care for the vulnerable, and wrestle with the implications this passage has among the full witness of scripture.

See you Sunday!

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