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Follow Me – Mark 13:1–37

Sunday, November 15: Follow Me

Mark 13:1–37

What do we need to know to survive the coming Apocalypse?

…would be a great example of an attention grabbing headline. When will it happen? What should I stockpile? Where should I bury my many pounds of gold bullion? In our passage today Jesus’ disciples offer a casual comment on the beauty of things as they currently exist which prompts Jesus’ longest speech in the book of Mark about the end times.

It will all be torn down, all the systems that seem endless, all the structures that seem unshakable, everything we think of as permanent will pass away. Which is honestly pretty scary.

Understandably, the disciples want to know more. What Jesus tells them isn’t a timeline, as much as a blueprint. Know Jesus more fully. Be on your guard against imposters who will try to fool you, and in the midst of very real (and possibly very imminent) hardship, hold fast to the truth of the gospel.

Our passage today reminds us that there is an end that may be soon coming, and we have a sure hope to be found in the person and work of Jesus. Our task isn’t to know the timeline, it’s to know the keeper of time itself.

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