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Bound by the Spirit – Acts 26:1–32

Sunday, December 8: Bound by the Spirit

Acts 26:1–32

Paul’s persistence on his missionary journey has gotten him to the place where he can once again deliver his testimony. He’s asked to speak to the manager often enough that folks have given him an audience with King Agrippa himself. And even before he shares the particulars of his own life, Paul claims that the gospel message is one of hope.

From there he describes that particulars of his life, where he’s been and where God is taking him. Paul’s testimony is just like our testimony. People at war with God, who were met by God, and transformed into new creations through the work of Jesus.

In Acts 26, Paul breaks down the gospel for an audience of political leaders, and he leaves nothing on the field.

Join us this week as we hear Paul’s story, reflect on the hope that we have, and reflect on what it means for a testimony to be ongoing, or even in progress.

See you Sunday!


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