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Bound by the Spirit – Acts 27:1–44

Sunday, December 15: Bound by the Spirit

Acts 27:1–44

Paul’s journey is getting close to the end, and having been dismissed by King Agrippa and his crew of bad guys, Paul sets sail for an easy cruise over to Rome. Delightful, serene… none of these words describe what Paul encounters.

Instead, what should have been a short trip turns into a titanic misadventure, with stormy seas, threats of death, and a destruction of what everyone expected. Paul’s expectations are upended, the safety of the boat turns out to be not quite enough to weather the reality of life, and everything falls apart.

And in the midst of the wreckage, Paul has some really good ideas about how to survive a shipwreck. What do we do when things fall apart, as they inevitably do? How should a seasoned sailor navigate the high seas, and what happens when we’re irreparably shipwrecked?

Join us this week as Paul points the way to solid ground, even in the middle of the worst storms. See you Sunday!

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  1. Jeremiah, Thanks for your teaching this morning. You give new exciting insight to God’s word.Prayers for you and yours,Riley Byrd

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