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The Judges – Judges 14–16

Sunday, February 28: The Judges

Judges 14–16

Last week we were introduced to Samson, the child of promise. Announced by an angel and filled with the Holy Spirit at a young age. Set apart as a Nazarite from the day he was born, his movement in the world would be a proclamation of God’s deliverance.

From childhood we saw a young Samson have trouble keeping his eye on the prize. His attentions were drawn elsewhere, he started bending some rules, and secretly breaking others, until his actions affected his own family.

This is the point of the hero’s journey where he should seek out a wise mentor, receive special training, or partner with a helpful ally. This should be the turning point back to heroic status we wish for Samson, but instead it’s an ever-increasing slide into selfishness, unfaithfulness, and sin.

What can we possibly take from this train-wreck of a story? How does Samson’s failure point us towards Jesus? For that matter, how can God use someone like Samson that we might just identify with a little bit?

Join us this Sunday as we finish out the downward spiral that is Samson’s life, and we look to the one who truly brings hope despite our failings: Jesus.

See you Sunday.
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