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The Judges – Judges 3:1–47

Sunday, February 21: The Judges

Judges 3:1–47

An angel of the Lord appears to a woman and brings good tidings of great joy: God will enable her to have a son! This child will be set apart by God as a deliverer, this child is blessed by God, and the Spirit of the Lord empowers him.

Except. This child grows up to be kind of a jerk. He’s selfish. He tends to think of himself first, and others later, maybe.

He’s powerful, but he uses his power over others, and not for the benefit of others.

He loves, but it tends to be the wrong kind of love, and he doesn’t seem to know how to think with his brain.

What child is this? Well his name is Samson, and he’s the worst Judge in the book of Judges.

Join us this week as we read through the life of Samson in Judges 13, 14, and 15 and explore the ways that Samson’s bad example leaves us unsatisfied and looking for someone greater.

See you Sunday!
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