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The Judges – Conclusion

Sunday, March 14: The Judges

Judges: Conclusion

This week, we are concluding our time in the Book of Judges!

It has been an adventurous ten weeks in this infrequently-studied book of the Old Testament. We have seen heroes. We have seen tragedies. We have seen the faithfulness of God.

Last week, we explored the epilogue of the book, which kind of leaves more questions than answers. What do we do with this book? What is the message? What is its role as Christian Scripture?

This week, all your questions will be answered! We are going to take a birds-eye look at Judges—its message, its place in the canon, and how we understand it in light of the cross. Judges shows us the consequences of walking away from God. When a people turns to idolatry, it is often the vulnerable (women, children, the elderly, etc.) who suffer the most. We certainly see this in Judges!

But, there remains a better way. In Christ, we don’t have to perpetuate the cycle of idolatry and judgment. We have hope for something better!

Join us this week as we look at this “something better” and remind ourselves of who we are in Christ!

You can participate online at 8:00 AM, 9:30, or 11:00. You can also join us in person at 9:30 or 11:00.


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