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Free – Galatians 1:1–10

Sunday, March 21: Free

Galatians 1:1–10

This week we turn the page on Judges… and head to the New Testament letter of Galatians. We will spend the next three months diving into this theologically rich epistle! I know what you may be thinking… does theology and doctrine really matter? The answer may surprise you… because if you don’t pay attention to what God is teaching us in His Word (the Bible) you may start to stray and listen to nearly anyone who has a good idea that sounds true-ish.

Paul starts off right away combating the idea of the Jesus Plus theology. We can not add anything to the equation of grace. Jesus plus holy days. Wrong. Jesus plus holy diet. Wrong. Jesus plus works. Wrong. There is no other good news except the good news of Jesus plus nothing. What does this look like for us today? We would never add anything to the gospel in order for people to be saved! Or have we?

Let’s start this series off with a heavy dose of Gospel theology! For the FREE gift of God is grace in Christ Jesus our Lord.
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