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Son of God – Mark 5:1–20

Sunday, February 16: Son of God

Mark 5:1–20


In Mark 5:1–20, Jesus and his disciples arrive at other side of the Sea of Galilee, in the region of the Gerasenes. As soon as they get off the boat, they are confronted by a hostile figure—a man possessed by the demon Legion. Jesus and the demon(s) battle until Legion is cast into a herd of swine. Two thousand pigs then rush headlong into the sea and drown.

Imagine witnessing this!

In the aftermath of the exorcism, Jesus has a fascinating conversation with the man formerly possessed by Legion. The man offers to leave everything behind and follow. This is exactly what Jesus calls others to do! The man doesn’t want miracle food. He doesn’t need any more healing. There is nothing he wants from Jesus—he just wants to follow in faith.

But Jesus tells him “no.” He says, “Go home and tell your loved ones what God has done for you.”


Why does Jesus challenge everyone else in the book to leave their old life and follow him, but here he tells a willing follower to go home?

Find out this week as we dive into this amazing story and explore the nature of discipleship.

See you on Sunday!


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