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Son of God – Mark 5:21–43

Sunday, February 23: Son of God

Mark 5:21–43

This week we follow Jesus back across the Sea of Galilee, into the town of Capernaum where his ministry began. Having just visited the Gentile country, Jesus has shown that his ministry isn’t limited to the Jewish people, but back on the home field Jesus is quickly met with a pair of requests for healing. An outsider and an insider come to terms with the reality that they need healing, and the pair steps out in faith towards Jesus.

Along the way there’s plenty of chances to let fear get the best of them. Is Jesus for me even though I’m an outsider? Is Jesus for me even though I’m an insider? Am I clean enough to hang out with Jesus?

There’s also a clock that’s ticking and the question of whether Jesus will make it in time has to be asked. There are doubters who think that what Jesus suggests he can do can’t be done. There’s the pressure of the crowd, there’s people who laugh, there’s every opportunity to just slink away from Jesus.

And then there’s Jesus who says, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.” Believe in the face of this seeming impossibility, believe despite the fact that you are afraid, believe even though nobody around you does. Just don’t give up.

In our passage this week, we’re given the example of two people who step out in faith, who believe in Jesus, and their lives are changed. Join us this week as we explore what it means to overcome our fear and step out in faith to experience Jesus.


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