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Signs – John 2:1–12

Sunday, September 25: Signs

John 2:1–12

Last week, we saw Jesus call his first disciples. Andrew and another unnamed disciple (I think it was probably John himself) were disciples of John the Baptist before they left to follow Jesus.

Imagine what this transition must have been like for them.

John was bold and eccentric. He lived in the wilderness. He ate bugs. He swore off haircuts and alcohol. His baptism was called a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, putting it in direct competition with the temple itself. When the priests came out to the wilderness for answers, he called them a brood of vipers about to be swept away by the wrath of God.

I imagine following John would have been quite the experience! I imagine his followers would have relished being a part of something extreme and important. I imagine they even took a little pride in what they were suffering in critique of the mainstream religious establishment.

Then along came Jesus.

Imagine the buzz around leaving John for Jesus. John was extreme, but he said that he wasn’t even worthy to untie Jesus’s shoes. Jesus was even greater than John!

In John 2, the disciples are on edge in anticipation of what this new Jesus movement will be. What will Jesus be like? Where will he take them? The wilderness? The temple? The palace of Herod himself?

They never could have predicted the first place Jesus took them. They saw the glory of God, but not in a way they ever could have foreseen.

See you on Sunday!

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