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September 15 – Generous

Sunday, September 15: Generous

If you’ve ever been to a fancy hotel, you know that at some point somebody takes your luggage from you. They’re supposed to, in fact, it’s their job. The steward, or bell-hop, or porter, is given the task of taking your bags for you to your room. So you hand over your luggage, and he walks with you to your room.

Now on the one hand, you absolutely gave him your luggage. You just handed them right over. But what’s he doing with them? Would you expect him to go through your stuff, try on some clothes, throw some things away if he didn’t like them, maybe have a garage sale? No, he’s been entrusted with your bags for safekeeping as he goes about the business of bringing them where they need to go.

Stewardship in our lives begins with the understanding that God is the owner of everything, and we have been entrusted to manage some of his property for what amounts to a very short time.

What we do with the time God has entrusted to us, with the treasures God has entrusted to us, and with the talents and abilities God has given us demonstrates whether or not we understand that God is the owner.

Join us this week as we talk about what Stewardship is, and what the implications a life of stewardship has for our lives.

If you can’t be with us in person, watch our live feed.


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