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Nehemiah 10-12

Sunday, May 22: Steadfast

Nehemiah 10–12

What’s your problem?

Those are the words that opened our Steadfast series. Nehemiah certainly had a problem: the walls of Jerusalem were torn down and the city was a laughing stock to all of its neighbors. His problem was big and it seemed impossible to solve.

This week we are going to be in Nehemiah 10–12. We are nearing the end of the book, and we are seeing that his problem wasn’t such a big problem to God. God is powerful, and He showed himself steadfast to Nehemiah and the people.

So, that brings us back to the original question: What’s your problem? What’s that thing that worries you and keeps you up at night? Is it too big for God?

Just as God was steadfast to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, He’s steadfast to help you with your problem. Join us this week as we celebrate the completion of the wall and consider what God’s steadfastness means to us and our problems.

See you on Sunday!


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