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Steadfast – Nehemiah 13:1-31

Sunday, May 29: Steadfast

Nehemiah 13:1–31

Last week we left off with the dedication of the wall around the city that Nehemiah and God’s people had built. It was a marvelous scene of celebration and joy. There were marching bands and bounce houses for the kids. There was laughter and singing within both the perimeters of the walls and in people’s hearts.They were so grateful to God for the completion of this seemingly impossible task against great odds and, at times, fierce opposition – but everyone had grabbed a brick and together they got the job done!

It would be wonderful if that was the end of the story. If I had my preference, the very last line in Nehemiah would read: “And they all lived happily ever after.”

The only problem is, that’s not the case. The O.T. book of Nehemiah does not have a fairytale ending. What happened? That’s what we are going to find out. See you on Sunday!


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