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Steadfast – Nehemiah 8-9

Sunday, May 15: Steadfast

Nehemiah 8–9

Time in the Scriptures is one of the most important means of spiritual growth.

We all know that, but sometimes we forget. Further, the habit of reading the Bible is hard to establish and it’s easy to lose. But when we take the time to get into the Word, we invariably encounter God there.

This week we are going to meet a people who encountered God in the Scriptures for the first time in a long time. In Nehemiah 8–9, the people celebrate a festival by gathering around to listen to Ezra read from the Law of Moses. However, the reading of the Law did not have the effect that Ezra and Nehemiah had predicted. Instead of rejoicing, the people burst into tears. Nehemiah gets so frustrated with the situation that he tells the people to go home, eat some good food, drink some wine, and come back when they are ready to party.

But that’s the thing about the Scriptures—we don’t always know what God is going to say to us through them. God has promised to speak to us through the Bible and He has promised that his Word has power. But when we encounter the Scriptures, we encounter them as listeners—willing to hear what God would speak. When we quiet ourselves and listen, God speaks. And his Word does not return void.

Join us this week as we look at the Israelites’ fresh encounter with the Scriptures and explore how God continues to speak through his Word today.

See you on Sunday!


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