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Lord of All – Acts 18:1–28

Sunday, January 27: Lord of All

Acts 18:1–28

“After this Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.”
Acts 18:1

We spent last Sunday with the Apostle Paul in Athens where he delivered his famous Mars Hill message. This Sunday we pick things up in the city of Corinth as he begins the last leg of his second missionary journey.In some ways the events of Acts 18 are a test of our powers of observation. At one level, the passage is simply another chapter in the astonishing story of how the gospel began to spread throughout the world just as Jesus predicted. Paul goes into Corinth, preaches the good news, nearly gets himself killed, but ends up planting a church.

At another level, however, just a little below the surface, there is an underlying theme, that helps explain the Apostle’s success and how the church became an unstoppable force in the first century. But it’s real easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. What is it? Well, read through the chapter and see if you can see it. See you on Sunday.


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