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Lord of All Acts – 17:16–34

Sunday, January 20: Lord of All

Acts 17:16–34

God is not far from each of us.
Acts 17:26
This week we come to one of the most well-known scenes in the story of Acts: The Message of Paul on Mars Hill.In the middle of Acts 17 the Apostle becomes separated from his traveling companions and is all alone in the cultural center of the ancient world – the Greek city of Athens. As usual, it doesn’t take long for him to attract attention and he suddenly finds himself being hustled up Mars Hill with an invitation to speak before a tribunal of philosophical sophisticates called the Areopagus.

To fully appreciate the pressure of the situation, imagine what it would be like to go before the faculty of the Harvard Philosophy Department to defend the faith. Plus, you have no time to prepare. You have to wing it.

So here’s Paul walking up Mars Hill, organizing his thoughts as he goes. “Okay, I guess I’ll start with God and go from there.”

What follows, F.F. Bruce called, “A masterpiece of communication. It takes less than two minutes to read it but it’s packed with truth that addresses not only the philosophical and religious speculation of Athens but of our own age and culture.”

See you on Sunday!


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