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Joseph – Genesis 41:1–57

Sunday, February 4: Joseph

Genesis 41:1–57

What God does in us while we wait is as important
 as what we are waiting for.
Ben Patterson

I don’t know about your Bible, but in mine there is about an inch of white space between Genesis chapters 40 and 41. It doesn’t look like much on paper but for Joseph, it represents two full years. For Joseph, that was two years on top of whatever time he had already served in prison, not to mention slavery, and it appears as if nothing is happening. But is that true? No.God has been at work in Joseph’s life and one of the essential elements in the task of transformation is time. There are times when God puts us in a place where we have no choice but to wait. We can either resist it or let him work in us.

That’s where Joseph sits. He’s been waiting but God’s been working to prepare him, not only for his future, but his place in God’s Great Story of Redemption.

Then the day dawned just like any other day in the dungeon. The sun he couldn’t see came up just like it had the last 729 days. What Joseph didn’t know is that by the time the sun set, he would be second in command over all of Egypt.

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