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Jacob – Genesis 29:1–30:34

Sunday, January 29: Jacob

Genesis 29:1–30:34

As we return to our study in Genesis, Jacob has left home to escape the wrath of his bow hunting brother. Esau would like nothing better than to turn him into a human pin cushion for stealing his blessing. So, out of fear, he walks 50 miles on his first day away and during the night, God meets him in a dream. In the dream, the Lord promises that he will become the “father of many descendants” and his family will ultimately “bless all the families of the earth.”Jacob is thrilled to hear this because there was nothing better in the ancient world than to have a big family. It was the established path to power, prestige and prosperity. There’s only one little problem. Jacob doesn’t have a wife. He’s a pretty smart guy. He’s thinking, “If I’m going to be a daddy, there needs to be a mommy.”

Genesis 29 is the story of how Jacob ended up with not just one wife, but two. If that sounds like trouble, you would be correct. That’s what Genesis 30 is about.

But the beginning of chapter 29 is a love story. It starts with Jacob stumbling out of the wilderness after a 450 mile journey and the first thing he sees is a well. What follows is both mildly amusing but also terribly painful. It’s at the very heart of Israel’s history, but it also holds some lessons for us. See you on Sunday.


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