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Bound by the Spirit – Acts 28:11–31

Sunday, December 29: Bound by the Spirit

Acts 28:11–31

There we found some brethren and were invited
to stay with them for seven days; and thus, we came to Rome.
Acts 28:14

There is no way to read that verse with the full emotional weight of Luke’s words. This is the climax of the book. Paul had set his headlights on Rome years before and God had promised that he would go.

Before he got there, however, he had to live through two riots in Jerusalem and two years of prison in Caesarea. Then, he had to survive a terrible storm and a shipwreck on the Island of Malta. But now he finally plants his feet on the terra firm of Rome. He’s still a prisoner of the Roman Empire but Paul is not about to let a petty annoyance, like incarceration, keep him from his mission and ministry.

On this last week of the year we come to the last section, in the last chapter of Acts, and the last message in our study series Bound by the Spirit. See you on Sunday.


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