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Who is This Man

Who is This Man – Philippians  2:3–8

Sunday, August 13: Who is This Man?

Philippians  2:3–8

The True Human

The great 21st century theologian, Jeremiah Hinton, in his recently released devotional, Who is This Man? writes: “I Corinthians introduces the idea of Jesus as the ‘last Adam,’ a perfectly obedient son who demonstrated how humans should have related to God.”Precisely. The Bible teaches that Jesus was what we might call the “true human.” Jesus looked like us; like any ordinary human being. If you saw him walking down the street you would not pick him out as any different than anyone else. But there was a huge difference between him and us. He was sinless and we are not. He was perfect in obedience and we are not. He was fully surrendered to the will of the Father and we are not. Nevertheless, Jesus demonstrated how humans should have related to God.”

Here’s the rub: The Bible also teaches that Jesus became like us so that we could become like him. Isn’t that setting the bar like a million miles too high? Do we really need a perfect example as the model for our life? That’s what we’re going to talk about this week. See you on Sunday.