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Underdogs – Rahab

Sunday, September 13: Underdogs

Joshua 2:1–14

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re the type of person who should be at church, it’s fun to read through the Bible and see what God has to say.

An old racist who refused to preach to the Ninivites? Check, God can partner with a Jonah all day.

Someone insignificant, or overlooked, somebody who doesn’t seem to have any influence in the big moves? Check, God can partner with an Esther all day.

Peter is a wild man, Daniel is cut off from his people, we’ve got ethnic outsiders, we’ve got struggling insiders, and in Rahab we have a prostitute who joins the family of God.

It’s interesting how often we develop “pet” sins that we can excuse, and have other sins that we are scandalized by. Rahab’s profession made, and still makes, a lot of people uncomfortable. However, we worship a God who, as the old King James says, “Is no respecter of persons.” God isn’t interested in our hangups, or our prejudices, or any of that. He’s the God of outsiders and underdogs at least as much as he is of the insiders and the crowd favorites.

God searches after even the most reviled, God loves the ones who we might think are unlovable, and God restores more graciously than we could ever imagine. Join us this Sunday as we look at one of the heroes of faith, who started off as an underdog, and ended up in the family of God.

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