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The Judges – Judges 9

Sunday, February 7: The Judges

Judges 9

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been tracking with the life of Gideon—one of the most exciting judges in the whole book. Gideon’s story culminates with an offer to make him king, which he refuses. He’s a model of humility!

As we read on in the story, however, we find that all is not well in Gideon’s household. Judges 8:30–31 says he married many women and fathered 70 sons. Seventy! He even names one of them Abimelech, which means “My father is the king.”

Wait. I thought he didn’t want to be king!

Like I said, all was not well in Gideon’s household.

Judges 9 recounts the story of the worst judge in the whole book: Gideon’s son Abimelech. In fact, Abimelech is probably more appropriately called an anti-judge. Everything you’d want from a good judge—Abimelech does the opposite.

But there is an important warning in Judges 9: we become what we worship. As the Israelites go deeper into Canaanite religion, they start to act like the Canaanites. There are few better examples of this than Abimelech.

Join us this week as we explore the life of this anti-judge and discover how Jesus has liberated from the cycle of revenge and violence!

See you on Sunday!
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