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The Judges – Judges 7–8

Sunday, January 31: The Judges

Judges 7–8

Gideon’s victory is a flannel board certified classic in the Bible. (If you don’t know about flannel boards, ask someone born in the 80’s or earlier.) It’s often one of the earliest stories we hear, alongside David and Goliath, about how the underdog can win with God’s help. Gideon’s force of 300 defeat an army that has been terrorizing the Israelites for seven years, and it’s only possible through reliance on God.

Most of us don’t have to deal with raiding parties that steal our donkeys anymore, but we do encounter situations that are unpleasant, costly, and dangerous. The Bible seems to emphasize the importance of reliance on God, but why? Why does it matter that Gideon only took 300 warriors, and why do I care?

Join us this week as we finish Gideon’s story in Judges seven and eight, and explore reliance on God, the pervasiveness of idolatry, and the importance of rightly ordered worship.

See you Sunday!


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