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Son of God – Mark 6:30–52

Sunday, March 15: Son of God

Mark 6:30–52

This week we continue our study series based on the Gospel of Mark. You might remember that right out of the chute, Mark told us what he’s up to: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

For six chapters Mark has been showing us how Jesus revealed himself to be the divine Son of God; hitting us with one proof after another so that we can hardly catch our breath. We’ve seen it in the way he teaches with authority and in his defeat of demonic forces. We’ve seen it in the way he can calm a storm, cleanse lepers, heal the sick and even raise the dead.

This week Jesus will bring his disciples closer to understanding who he is by means of two more miracles. He will feed thousands of people with five small loaves of bread and a couple of tiny fish. Then he will cap it off by walking on water as easily as you can cross the street.

Those are two top tier miracles. If you don’t think so, try either one. The question is, will his disciples be able to put them together with everything else he has done and begin to realize who he is? See you on Sunday.*

*Actually, I won’t see you, but you can see the live stream on our website or Facebook page.


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