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Son of God – Mark 6:14-29

Sunday, March 8: Son of God

Mark 6:14-29

The life of John the Baptist was anything but normal. In the womb he was jumping for joy for God, and he didn’t let up on that enthusiasm up until the day he was executed. The book of Mark introduces us to John’s death so abruptly that it can make you go back and re-read to see if you missed something. One day he’s here and the next he’s gone. What do we do with this sort of story?

First acknowledge that it’s important to read because it’s true. It was a reality then and it’s a reality now. Those who follow after Jesus, who live a lifestyle other than what culture dictates, might just face very real costs for doing so.

The effect of sin on our world is so pervasive that we can sometimes forget that it’s abnormal. It’s so multilayered we might not even notice it anymore. But what we see in our passage this week, is that we are a people in desperate need of a savior, and the good news is, he has already come.

Join us this Sunday as we read about the Son of God who takes away the sins of the world.


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