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Signs – John 4:43–54

Sunday, October 30: Signs

John 4:43–54

Sometimes, the life of faith feels like following Jesus through a corn maze. We see him turn the corner ahead, but we’re not told what lies beyond. We follow and we trust.

How much easier would faith be if we had a map of the corn maze? If only we knew what the next season held, if only we knew where each turn led, it would be so much easier to trust.

But we’re not given that.

In John 4, Jesus performs his second sign—the healing of a royal official’s son. The boy is sick to the point of death, and when his dad hears that Jesus has returned to Galilee, he leaves his home in Capernaum and makes the 15-mile journey to see Jesus. “Sir,” he says, “Come down before my child dies.”

But Jesus doesn’t go with him.

Jesus sends him right back home.

So, the royal official returns to Capernaum with the last words of Jesus ringing in his ears: “Go; your son will live.”

What must that trip have been like?

The royal official was given the next step: “Go.” He had to trust Jesus for the rest. There was no map. There was no proof. There was just a promise: “Your son will live.”

The same holds true for us.

See you on Sunday!

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