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Signs – John 3:1–21

Sunday, October 9: Signs

John 3:1–21

A Pharisee is probably not the nicest name to be called these days. For us, it has an almost exclusively negative connotation (if it’s used at all.) People who outwardly kept the rules while harboring inward corruption were the people that Jesus had some of the harshest rebuke for. As we saw last week, that rebuke even included some fairly direct applications when it came to the temple.

But how do Pharisees get made? What are the steps that lead to this way of being, and how can we avoid it?

This week, Jesus gives some very clear theology to a Pharisee who sincerely wants to know what he’s missing.

Far from being a distant, historical story, Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus is relevant and essential to the most common of modern day Pharisees, the people in the mirror. The reminder to people who love God, who place great value in obedience, and who are at risk for over-emphasizing the importance of our own contributions to the formula for salvation is both simple and humbling.

God loved the world. If you believe in Jesus, you will be saved. No amount of rule-following secures your place in the Kingdom.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about Pharisees (ancient and modern), grace, and why we all desperately need a savior.

See you Sunday!

Service times are at 9:30 & 11:00. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live at those times.


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