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Signs – John 3:22–36

Sunday, October 16: Signs

John 3:22–36

The maps app on my phone is a lifesaver for me, because I (Jeremiah) have next to no sense of direction driving around town. I do ok wandering through the woods but cities are a blur for me. As my wife can attest, I go on a lot of “adventures” when I drive around.

However, even though I’m happy to pop open the app and let it do its thing, there are limits to what it can do. Directions to my folks’ house take you off the city-maintained roads, and even when I have reception, that map does not know what to do at the end of the road. For that, I have to shut off my phone and trust the dirt-road directions from my folks.

John the Baptist is probably the very best example we have of a disciple of Jesus who pointed the way forward. The life he lived in dedication to God is nearly unparalleled, but most admirably, he gets out of the way of Jesus when the time comes. Leadership in pursuit of Jesus looks like both pointing the way to him, and remembering to get out of the way at some point. This week we’re going to see John’s philosophy of ministry on display: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

See you Sunday!

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