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Signs – John 10:34–42

Sunday, March 12: Signs

John 10:34–42

Sometimes helping someone understand the truth is as important as telling them the truth in the first place.

Jesus has spent more than a little bit of time in the book of John trying to explain clearly that he is the Son of God. Results have varied. Last week this led to a group of people picking up rocks to stone him.

In a moment where most of us would have shifted into fight or flight, Jesus instead takes the time to patiently explain the truth to his would-be attackers. It’s not only their own scripture that points to Jesus, but their own lived experience that confirms the claims that Jesus has made.

While Jesus’ words may not produce immediate results in this particular crowd, this week we’ll also see the fruit of seeds planted long before and the people who do respond to the lived-out witness of Jesus.

See you Sunday!

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