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Samuel – 1 Samuel 9:1–27

Sunday, February 20: Samuel

1 Samuel 9:1–27

In our passage this week we are introduced to Saul, who will one day be King Saul, but at this point in his life he’s just Saul who got sent to find the lost donkeys.

Not exactly the most exciting hero origin story.

Saul is just the son of a man named Kish, who had a good thing going for himself in that he was a little bit wealthy, and had some servants, at least one obedient son, and apparently some wayward donkeys. But it’s in the mundane settings of his life that Saul is brought into the jet stream of God’s plan.

His expectations are not God’s expectations for this passage. His plan is not God’s plan. God is at work behind the scenes well before Saul has any idea that there is more to his day than donkey wrangling. God is orchestrating a grand redemptive movement, in which Saul’s life is just a small part. In this passage we’re given a behind the curtain look at what God was doing in the life of one man in history.

Join us as we consider how this insight might help us understand our place in God’s plan a little better.

See you Sunday!


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